Facial cleansing in 3 steps

Step 1


Step 2


Step 3

Two-phase tonic

Step 1 OIL

Dissolves sebum, impurities, makeup, does not affect on hydro-lipid barier. In accordance with the principle that oil best dissolves oil.

Step 2 SOAP

Cleanses the skin and removes the oily layer after using the oil.

Step 3 Two-phase tonic

Thanks to the combination of water phase with oil phase – balances the natural pH, refreshes, does not dry the skin, does not cause the feeling of tightening.

How to cleanse skin

Step 1 OIL

Rub gently a few drops into moist skin for about 2 minutes, wash off with warm water, use soap.

Step 2 SOAP

Use separately in the morning or wash off oily layer after using oil.

Step 3 Two-phase tonic

Shake before use, close your eyes, spray your face, apply your favourite cream or serum on your moist skin.

Additional use of oils

Acne, mixed, problematic skin: apply small amount on areas with skin imperfections – overnight.

Mature, capillaries skin: apply a few drops into moist skin as a serum/night cream.

Sensitive, dry skin: add 1, 2 drops to day cream – you will even out skin tone and get the effect of sunkissed skin.